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3 Awesome Things Your Kid Can Expect At Space Robots Winter Break Camp


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Winter break is just around the corner (gasp) and we're delighted to announce a special, action-packed camp for kids aged 6-13! This three-day camp, called 'Space Robots', will run from January 2nd-4th at our interactive studio in Lincoln Park, located at 819 W. Eastman Street.

If your child squeals with excitement thinking about space, robots, coding, or circuitry, then here's why this winter camp is the perfect fit for them:


Campers will build a real robot

That's right! Your child will design and build their very own robot, complete with a light sensor, which they will drive around our state-of-the-art studio on an obstacle course designed by fellow campers!

Fun fact: The littleBits robot kits we use during camp are featured in this year's Ultimate STEM Holiday Gift Guide.


Campers will learn all about design, engineering, and circuitry

Students will learn all about the design process and will use their new problem-solving skills to upgrade the circuitry of their robots by adding sensors and electronic displays.


Campers will program our studio in real time

Our Lincoln Park studio is interactive, which means the concert-hall lights, speakers, strobe lights, and our 20ft TV wall can all be programmed and controlled by our students! Pretty neat, huh?

Our 'Space Robots' camp runs from 9AM-3PM, with complimentary early drop-off and pick up at 8AM and 4PM. Chef-prepared lunches and snacks, provided by Cooked Chicago, are included in this camp. (We'll happily accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies.)

Right now, we're offering $100 OFF camp if you sign your child up for this camp before December 15th 2018. To register, simply go here. Or, give us a ring at (844) 644-2633!

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