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A Peek Inside Codeverse: New Tutorial Overview


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Our curriculum team is constantly hard at work to develop new and fresh avenues of learning for our Codeverse students. This includes the creation of new tutorials on a weekly basis. Each tutorial zooms in on a particular coding concept, so that the students can gain a thorough understanding of a new coding skill! This week, our tutorial focused on events. Learn more about events in coding and how this week's tutorial enhanced our students' understanding:

The Events Part I tutorial gives an introduction to events. An event is an action or situation that the code can listen for and respond to. The students are able to observe what makes up an event and how the computer interprets the code for that event in a very simple scenario. Then, they are then able to practice creating an event on their own and incorporate that knowledge into their own games.


Here, the tutorial breaks events down so that students can get a firm grasp on each part of an event.

Events are something we use all the time in every day life, even if we don’t realize it! Being able to identify events will help students to better understand cause and effect, which is commonly used in scientific analysis. In addition to the academic applications, events can help students start to view a bigger picture of the world around them - instead of wondering why something is or isn’t happening, they can start to think more about the steps required for something to happen.

You can help your child better understand events by asking them what steps they think are taken by a vending machine to dispense their candy bar, or what the process is that sets a car or plane in motion. They don't have to be professional mechanics or aviators to think in terms of step-by-step processes, and this type of critical thinking is especially valuable in coding!


The tutorial gives examples of the code needed to create an event, and then guides students to practice writing the code themselves.

It's important that the tutorials are exciting for the students as well, and our curriculum team loves adding fun surprises for the students to discover. At the end of this tutorial, help SpaceDog and Elephant play a game of baseball, but there is a surprising and funny twist! Let’s just say, the Elephant’s aim is not so great…


Learn more about the Codeverse curriculum by joining us for a class and tour at our premiere, state-of-the-art coding studio! We can't wait for your child to explore all of the exciting new additions to the Codeverse experience!

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