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Codeverse and By The Hand Partner Up To Teach Kids To Code


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At Codeverse, our mission is to teach a billion kids to code. We believe that every child should learn this 21st Century skill as well as have access to our state-of-the-art, interactive coding studios.

We recently partnered with By The Hand, a wonderful organization that serves kids from under-resourced communities in Chicago. Every week, By The Hand students attend 75-minute coding expeditions at our Lincoln Park studio.

For months, these talented coders have been working as a team, learning universal programming concepts, including variables, objects, methods, and events. Once they have mastered these basic concepts, the kids apply this new knowledge to building their very own unique mobile apps and games. In addition to coding, the kids also learned how to program our interactive studio in real time! Every light, speaker, TV, and strobe light was brought to life by the students using code.

Last week, we celebrated our partnership with By The Hand by hosting 'Demo Day', an afternoon dedicated to sharing the kids' coding projects with close friends, family, and the By The Hand team. Our Codeverse Guides were present to help kids articulate their coding creations in front of their peers, as well as answer any questions about coding by the parents.

Check out all of the photos captured during By The Hand's 'Demo Day' here!

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