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Codeverse Partners With Chicago Lyric Opera to Teach 18,000 CPS Students How To Code


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Exciting news! Codeverse has been chosen to be the official ‘Educational Partner’ for Earth to Kenzie, a new opera designed for younger audiences, which tells the story of a fifth grader (Kenzie), and how she uses creativity, imagination, problem solving and critical thinking to overcome challenges in her life.

Leading up to the public performances of Earth to Kenzie at the Vittum Theater in November, Codeverse will equip CPS teachers with a Training Guide, which will including a fun and educational coding activity, called a Mission. The teachers will use the Mission to explain how to teach students the basics of coding. Then, all teachers will lead students through a fun offline exercise that incorporates universal coding concepts such as objects, variables and events. Students will apply what they've learned in the offline exercise to complete the Mission!


As part of our partnership with Chicago Lyric Opera, Codeverse will provide Codeverse: Explorer packs to CPS schools across the Chicago area. Inside the Codeverse: Explorer packs, CPS students will receive:

  • Information on how to sign up and access the platform at home
  • Our “Launch the Rocket” Mission and Trading Cards to help kids create their own video game, where a player taps the rocket to launch it into space. Kids can customize the game by making changing the rocket speed, adding a rocket engine fire, or making a countdown appear on the screen
  • A fun Codeverse wristband and stickers

At Codeverse, we believe coding is a creative pursuit that requires design, analytical process and collaboration just like creating a beautiful opera. Introducing kids to the opera and coding at the same time will help them see the similarities in art and coding!

To learn more about our partnership with Chicago Lyric Opera, and the production of Earth to Kenzie, go here.

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