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Digital Missions are now available for our members!


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Great news for members! Missions are now available digitally. Starting today, all members have unlimited online access to our library of Missions.

Missions are guided coding activities that range in difficulty level from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Pro. As kids complete Missions, they earn achievement badges and points as well as level up on their computer programming skills. I sat down with our SVP of Product, Priya Mathew Badger, to learn more about today's announcement and the benefit Digital Missions bring to our members.

Priya! You and your team have been working on Digital Missions for several weeks. You must be so excited to see them go live! How do kids access Digital Missions? It's so amazing to see how kids are interacting with our Missions online. A year ago, we launched our beautifully-designed Mission cards, which gave kids step-by-step instructions on how to build unique mobile games and apps. Kids would receive these Mission cards in the mail or during classes at our studios. We always planned to take them digitally, but we sped up our timeline due to our recent big shift to online and virtual learning. Now every kid who logs into their Codeverse account will have the option to complete Digital Missions and earn achievement badges and points. I am so thrilled!


How do Digital Missions work? Our Missions are a guided experience showing kids how to build games and apps. Some of our Missions teach kids how to build games, like Meteor Shower where you have to shoot lasers to destroy falling asteroids. Others are more like apps, like a Trivia app where the kids write their own questions and answers. When kids start a Mission they see an on-screen Guide that gives them step by step instructions for how to build the game or app, including code snippets and examples, checkpoints to test their code, tips and smart error detection along the way. When kids submit their app it goes to review by one of our expert Guides. In the meantime, we give them fun ideas for how they can customize it and make it their own.

At Codeverse, we believe kids learn by doing. Kids can transfer the knowledge they learn building these games and apps using Missions to earn digital achievement badges and build their own original games and apps that they can submit to our App Store.


What happens when kids complete a Digital Mission? We have a robust achievement system, called Chart Your Course, built into our coding platform where as kids complete Missions, earn digital achievement badges, and code their own they earn skill points that allow them to level up in our 4 learning path areas - Coding Genius, Creative Space, Habitat Hacking, and Human Factors.

What I LOVE about our new Digital Missions system is it allows us to truly personalize the experience so kids work at their own level, pace and what they are interested in. All kids start on Beginner level Missions and higher level Missions are locked. Every Mission is associated with multiple skills. When kids complete Missions they earn skill points. When they get enough skill points in the needed areas, they unlock high difficulty levels of Missions. Kids have lots of options at each level so we can appeal to different interests, and we come out with new Missions each week!


Can kids complete Digital Missions during their one-on-one virtual classes with our Guides? Yes! We have seen already that kids enjoy working on Digital Missions with our expert Guides in their one-on-one virtual sessions. Guides work closely with kids to make sure they understand the concepts and reinforce and extend their learning. It's a great time for kids to ask questions they have from working on Missions (and other coding activities in our online platform) through the week. Kids also have a lot of fun collaborating with Guides to add more ideas to the games and apps and make them their own. Sometimes that social interaction is what's needed to spur new ideas and grow confidence.


Can kids access these Digital Missions at any time? Absolutely. The great thing about our programs is that all kids who are members have unlimited access to our online platforms and our tools are designed to be personalized so kids can work at their own level and pace. So kids can work through Digital Missions anytime, from anywhere which is really awesome. We also have CodeverseTV, our new TV mini-series, where kids watch you, Katy, building different Missions which is a great way for kids to learn and reinforce the coding concepts. Plus, it's very entertaining to watch!

Last question, Priya! What is your personal favorite Digital Mission and why? :) Oh no, this is the hardest question! There are truly so many I love. If I have to pick a favorite though, it would be Dog Dreams. It's a super fun Expert Mission where the background moves as you try to keep a dog jumping through the clouds to collect tasty bones. I love this Mission because it is so fun to play and there are lots of ways to customize and extend it, like adding points or lives or more obstacles and goodies to collect. It also teaches some fairly advanced coding practices with Timers and Events. So, kids who do this mission learn about how much goes into coding some of the cool interactions they see in the video games they love, and then actually learn how to build them into their own games which is pretty cool!

Digital Missions are available to our Nova and Supernova members at Codeverse. Interested in learning more about our membership options? Feel free to email us at or call our Customer Experience Team at (844) 644-2633.