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Ensuring Instructor Excellence at Codeverse


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Now that you've met Aldo and Alexa, two of our rockstar instructors here at Codeverse, we wanted to take a minute to explain how stellar educators become members of the Codeverse instruction team. It is of the utmost importance that we hire only the best-of-the-best to teach your children, so those that join us have to meet an extensive list of requirements and qualifications. Let's dive into what it takes to become a part of our team!

Our instructors are highly qualified. Most candidates have established careers as educators with teaching degrees and additional certifications, such as being a child behavioralist or qualified to teach a second language. Or, they may be Computer Science majors with published research who are experienced in the classroom. Others are tech professionals experienced with web design, computer graphics, and app development. No matter their background, all successful candidates must have extensive experience engaging children and facilitating their learning in a classroom setting.

Our instructors are innovators. We believe that it is impossible to place a value too high on improvisational skills and creativity. Our instructors are always putting their heads together to come up with new challenges for our students to conquer with code! We evaluate all instructor team candidates on their approach to new problems and their ability to acquire technological expertise quickly and efficiently - after all, new developments come our way all the time when we work with technology.


Our instructors are proven. Every one of the Codeverse instructors must have classroom experience with children in grades K-12. While many are proven educators in schools and in the classroom, others have been successful nurturing the growth and development of children through auxiliary programs, camps, and workshops. Codeverse instructors are gifted at creating an environment that challenges students and helps them develop a love of learning.

Our instructors are tested. Naturally, our instructors must be background screened, and drug tested, but we go beyond that to ensure the right fit for the Codeverse team. Our instructors undergo several separate evaluations- and must ace all of them- to be brought on board.

First, if their application meets all of the requirements (and then some!) the candidate is given a phone interview. Next, they are brought in for an in-person meeting. The candidate must have excellent energy and be genuinely passionate about teaching kids to code! If they still seem like the perfect fit, we observe them on-the-job as they guide our students and work with the rest of the instructor team in a real Codeverse class!

A very small percentage of candidates make it to the end of our rigorous interview process, and our high selectivity ensures that your children receive a top-notch education and an absolutely positive experience each and every time they walk through the Codeverse doors.

Our instructors are trained. Once they join the team, our instructors participate in extensive training. During training, our instructors become well-versed in the Codeverse technology (after all, they must be the authorities on it!), child behavior and learning styles, social-emotional education approaches, and leadership and team building. Our instructors step into the Codeverse experts in the field of teaching future generations of coders to hone their skills as creatives, critical thinkers, inventors, and collaborators. Think it's impossible in one 75-minute class per week? Nothing is impossible when you're learning with our team of top-notch instructors!


Stay tuned for upcoming instructor profiles to learn even more about our excellent team! Would you love to watch your child learn and grow surrounded by Chicago's best coding educators? Sign up for a free trial Codeverse class today!

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