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Q&A with Lindsey Whalen, VP of North America at Codeverse


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This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lindsey Whalen, our VP of North America. Lindsey is incredibly passionate about finding and nurturing the right talent at Codeverse. She's also a big believer that a strong culture, along with company values, are the backbone of any business. Read her thoughts below!

You are the VP of North America. Tell us more about your role and what that encompasses.

I own four main pillars of our organization: Training, Recruiting, Studio Performance and Team Success. To sum it up, I'm responsible for everything that touches and lives within the studio. Additionally, I work hand-in-hand with our SVP of Operations to create robust tools that our studio teams can use to help them successfully execute in their roles.

As Codeverse expands beyond Chicago, I will be working with our Growth team to determine locations for future studios. I will also support the studio teams in creating strong community outreach strategies that build brand awareness along with foster current and existing relationships.

One of the things you're very passionate about is fostering a strong company culture. Can you tell me more about culture and what it means at Codeverse?

In my opinion, culture is one of the things within an organization that defines the impact they make on the world and how long the world allows them to spread their mission. Culture allows organizations to make powerful decisions, admit mistakes, guides us in who we are being while creating, and reminds us who we are and what we stand for when faced with adversity and success. I would like to describe the culture we are creating as the following: We are FUN leaders who foster individuality and creativity. We make decisions with a "Kids First" mentality. We are forthright in our relationships and communication and, because of that, we are able to move quickly and find quick results. We invent tomorrow through the amazing product we provide kids and by our commitment to our cultural way of being.

Now who wants a job! Did you hear - Codeverse is growing! :)

Can you describe some of the key skills/qualities you look when hiring top talent to run our studios?

Our Studio Managers are fantastic, and have incredibly important roles. They're the gatekeepers to our brand and product to the public. Therefore, they must be innate leaders in all the do and in all denominations of their lives. They need to be empathetic and compassionate towards all people (not just kids, but adults, too). They need to be creative, positive, agile, solutions focused, and super self-motivated. My managers foster the ability and are expected to create an exceptional experience at all times. They need to be strong enough to gather trends, create solutions, and inform big business decision for the future health of our organization. Their passion is through the roof and they look at new challenges as a door that opens vs. shuts. Did I mention that they must all LOVE kids? That's a non-negotiable.

As a parent, we know that you value the skill of learning how to code. Why do you believe it is important that every child learns this skill?

Coding is a universal language that connects people and cultures together. It is exciting and inspiring to know that this language is the key to creating life-transforming products we didn't know we couldn't live without. I believe over 50% of jobs in the next 25 years will be IT based leveraging networks to software to hardware. The future is "SMART" and most companies will be interconnected. I'm passionate about getting our youth skilled and prepared for this.

What excites you the most about the future of Codeverse?

The MOST?! It's too hard to choose. If I were to pick one without being selfish in the amazing journey I am blessed with experience by being part of this organization, it would be this: I am the most excited to get our product in as many kids hands as possible. Kids will indefinitely learn to code. But the life skills it teaches such as confidence, problem solving, physics, creativity, est. These are things our kids need in all they do down to their daily interactions on the playground. Codeverse unlocks the unknown in a child's imagination. Our products will change the world and our future for the better!

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