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New Month, New Missions


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Every month, the Codeverse Product and Programming teams release new Missions and Trading Cards, which are featured during weekly expeditions at our studios and inside our at-home coding kit, Codeverse: Explorer. With Missions and Trading cards, kids can learn beginner and advanced coding concepts which they can apply to building their very own unique apps and games. Here's everything you need to know about August's special Missions and Trading Cards!

What are Missions?

Once a week at the studio, Codeverse Crew members pick a Mission card which provides step-by-step instructions on how to build a game or app. Every Mission includes:

  • A difficulty rating of 1 to 5 Novas to ensure kids are learning at their skill level.
  • A Mission Brief that explains what they will build and what coding concepts the Mission covers.Step-by-step instructions for how to build an app or game.
  • Customization ideas for how kids can add more to their game and make it their own.
What are Trading Cards?

Trading Cards allow kids to customize objects that are featured within each Mission. For example, check out the SpaceDog object card below. Kids can use code to update the object attributes to customize the dog's eyes and mouth to be different emotions like happy or sad, and change the color of its body, chest and collar.


August's Missions and Trading Cards

Dodgeball - Use a timer to make the player dodge the balls left and right and try to hit the player with the basketball. Through this game, kids use basic coding concepts like when statements to launch the basketball, and incorporate positioning methods, collision and tapped events, and basic timers to get the characters and objects moving on the screen. Full Mission details below.

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Batter Up - Catch the falling baseballs with your glove! Through this game, kids use Directional Pads to move and control the baseball glove. By incorporating collision events, random, timers, and nested events into the game, kids are able to control how frequently baseballs fall from the sky! Full Mission details below.

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Feed The Cat - Om nom nom! Create a game where the cat eats fish snacks to grow. Use loops and random to position the fish snacks on the screen. Then, use size methods and variables to make the cat grow with each big bite! Full Mission details below.

alt alt

Chop The Fruit - Chop the delicious red apples with a shiny sword! Kids learn how to use var statements to create a draggable sword. Then, they use when statements to make the fruit explode when sliced. Full Mission details below.

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Hey, Codeverse Crew Members! If you're interested in learning more about this month's Missions, feel free to reach out to us at or call us at (844) 644-2633. Happy coding!

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