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Now launching: Virtual coding camps


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Today is a very exciting day for us. We just announced the launch of our week-long virtual camp program for kids. Camps commence in May and are designed for beginner and pro coders, alike! Our Director of Programming, Rose PaquƩ, recently sat down with me to share more about this one-of-a-kind virtual camp experience.

When do virtual camps take place? What are the hours each day? Virtual camps run Monday-Friday, from 10am to 12pm CDT, starting the week of May 4th. Every virtual camper will get their own Codeverse account, which will grant them access our online coding platform, where they can create their own apps and games, earn digital achievement badges, and complete guided coding activities. After each day of virtual camp, kids can continue to work on their projects for as long as they'd like!

What is the child-to-Guide ratio for virtual camp? Virtual camps have a 4:1 child-to-Guide ratio. This means that kids have a chance to interact with other campers and work on group projects, while also getting personalized attention during individual work time. This mix of group collaboration and individual tutoring means that kids can learn new skills while making new friends!


Talk to me about our virtual camp programming. What are some of the daily activities that kids can look forward to? Great question! Virtual camp programming is a mix of demos, individual work time, cooperative projects, and even virtual field trips. Kids will learn new computer programming skills while watching expert coding demonstrations, work collaboratively to storyboard their own apps and games, and received unlimited support from our Guides. At the end of every camp day, our Guides host Share Space, where families are invited to join in and watch as campers share everything they've worked on during the day.

Although each day follows a similar schedule, our Guides surprise campers with daily fun and engaging challenges that motivate kids to level up on their programming skills!

You and your team created all of the programming for our virtual camps, which is amazing! Where did you come up with the inspiration for these daily activities? Our programming is based on exploration, creativity, and inspiring wonder. Kids learn best when they get to direct the course, so our activities are designed to let kids decide what comes next! The daily challenges are made to inspire kids' own imaginations and give them a jump start to design their own creations. Inspirational activities include demonstrations about how classic arcade games are created, virtual field trips to explore how code is used in the real world, talking with coding experts to learn about complex topics, and more!


How do our Guides track and measure the success of each child during virtual camp? Our achievement system, affectionately named Chart Your Course, rewards kids with digital badges and points for completing challenging coding activities, collaborating with other campers, or learning a new skill.

For more complex or advanced coding challenges, kids earn more points. Every point a kid earns goes towards leveling up their skills. There are currently over 30 coding skills for kids to master, like Loops, Timers, or Events. Guides, kids, and parents can all track a child's progress by logging in to their account and watching their skills level up over time. The more skills earned, the more digital achievement badges and Missions become unlocked! Guides use this information about each kid's progress to tailor their daily challenges and make sure that they learn something new every day.

How much is virtual camp? Is there a sibling discount? Virtual camp costs $349/week. We currently do not offer a sibling discount on virtual camps at this time.

Where do parents go to sign their child up for a week-long virtual camp? To sign up for a week of virtual camp, parents can visit

So, there you have it! Got additional questions about our virtual camps? Please email us at or call (844) 644-2633. We hope to see you and meet your child virtually soon!