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October's Spooktacular New Missions


5 min read

Every month, we release new Missions (fun, guided coding activities) and Trading Cards, which are featured at our studios and inside Codeverse: Explorer. Check out this month's scary-good Missions below.

Squish the Spider 🕷Halloween's coming! Create a game where you tap spiders and make them explode. Learn all about how to make spiders in random positions that disappear every half second. Use timers to animate the spiders, and keep track of your score using points.

Sunken Treasure 💰Build a game where you dive for treasure in a submarine. Use lists and for loops to create dangerous sea creatures, and learn how to create a win message when you reach the trunk. Being able to control multiple sea creatures at once is a challenging mission!

World Traveler ✈️ The world is your oyster! Design a multi-level game that lets you fly a plane to different worlds. Use when statements to change levels, and position each scene in a unique way using positioning methods and hide events. Learning how to incorporate levels is a fun way to add challenges into your games.

Pop the Bubbles 🔵Create a game where you pop bubbles to reveal a hidden jewel. Use random numbers and loops to create 100 colorful bubbles and then pop them using tapped events. Don't forget to add a countdown timer for an extra challenge.

Happy coding!

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