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Featured Post: What is KidScript?


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Codeverse's proprietary coding language, KidScript, was designed specifically to teach children in grades 1-8 how to code! Learn more about why KidScript is a one-of-a-kind coding language, and the many ways in which it benefits children's coding education:

Created especially for learning, KidScript is the first and only coding language of its kind. KidScript is a simplified, kid-friendly coding language that makes learning to code fun! Kids as young as 6 are able to type their own code line-by-line to make their digital creations come to life. Best of all, the KidScript platform provides helpful hints and feedback in real-time, so that kids can recognize and fix mistakes in their code on-the-spot rather than having to search through a wall of text to locate a specific error. KidScript takes the sometimes daunting and frustrating aspects of learning to code and turns them into easy, fun learning experiences! Though the language is simple, it is also powerful enough to support the creation of robust games, apps, and projects- there's even an app created using KidScript currently available in the Apple app store!


Knowledge of KidScript easily translates into other coding languages, such as JavaScript, Python, or Ruby. While building games and apps through the KidScript platform, children gain an excellent understanding of fundamental coding concepts, such as variables, events, loops, and more. By learning the essentials of coding through a language that is straightforward and non-intimidating, children gain confidence and basic skills which provide a huge advantage when approaching more complex coding languages.


The KidScript platform is supported by an exciting and innovative learning environment. The Codeverse studio offers interactive concert lights, strobe lights, speakers, TV screens, robotics, and 3D printers- all of which can be programmed by our students using KidScript! These hands-on aspects of our curriculum serve to demonstrate the real-world applications of coding. Students are able to control a physical aspect of our studio as early as their first class with us! Additionally, the Codeverse instructor team is an invaluable part of the Codeverse learning experience. Children learn how to create their very own games, apps, and projects using KidScript under the guidance and support of the Codeverse instructors. Our instructors are all extensively trained on the Codeverse technology, and are equipped with the skills to stimulate creativity and foster a lifelong love of coding within Codeverse students. Codeverse provides both a unique, immersive learning environment and the support our student coders need to thrive.

Check out KidScript for yourself when you sign your child up for a coding class at our interactive, state-of-the-art studio!

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