The ultimate summer coding camp for kids

Week-long day camps where kids learn the fundamentals of technology in a fun and collaborative environment

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Learn to code with friends
Ages 6-13
Perfect for beginner and pro coders alike
Week-long camps
Monday - Friday
9AM - 3PM
Early dropoff - 8AM
Late pickup - 4PM
Meals Included
Healthy meals, allergy free!

A world-class, immersive coding experience


We encourage kids to challenge everything, take risks, and explore what’s possible.


Equipped with a robust curriculum and advanced technology, kids learn to code to bring their ideas to life.


A fun, social learning environment where kids problem-solve, share, and experiment.


No matter what, we salute all ideas, passions, strengths and even mistakes.

Four Featured Learning Topics

A day dedicated to

Game Development


Our camp starts day one with a lesson on coding and game development tips. Campers storyboard their games offline and then bring them to life with code. Each and every student will use one of our iPads to learn the basics of coding and app creation! If your child already has coding experience, (s)he can try a more complex coding project!

A day dedicated to

Lights & Color

Campers spend a day exploring how code can be used to program light and color. This can include programming color of gadgets to potential field trips to the Apple Store to learn more and play with professional tools.

A day dedicated to

Maker Lab

The Maker Day is focused on creation! We will explore design and engineering principles. This can include 3D model design and more! Each student gets hands-on experience with our software and machines. Every child will end the week with several creations of their own design!

A day dedicated to


Campers use design process to plan and build their own robots, then complete challenges using their robot friend and new skilled knowledge in circuitry.

An example day at camp

8AM - 9AM
Drop Off
9AM - 12PM
Learn and code new concepts
12PM - 1PM
Healthy Lunch
1PM - 3PM
Featured Learning Topic Activities
3PM - 4PM
Pick Up
Easy drop off + pick up
Free extra play time when needed
Play time
Daily outdoor brain break
Multiple field trips
Apple store, Whole Foods, etc.

Parent Showcase

Every Friday afternoon during camp, we host a 'Parent Showcase', where parents are invited to come, view, and celebrate what their young inventors have designed and developed throughout the week!

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Our mission: Teach a billion kids to code

At Codeverse, we believe that every kid should be set up for success as early as possible. We do this by equipping them with the right tools and resources they need to thrive in their ever-changing, technologically-advanced world. Coding teaches important life skills beyond the computer screen. It encourages creativity, instills confidence, and promotes critical thinking and problem solving

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