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Codeverse Lincoln Park
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Codeverse Lincoln Park
Chicago, IL

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Codeverse Lincoln Park

819 W. Eastman St, Chicago IL 60642

(844) 644 CODE

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Codeverse Lincoln Park

819 W. Eastman St, Chicago IL 60642

(844) 644 CODE

Take the 3D tour

Cutting-edge technology in a collaborative environment

Explore, code, and get inspired! Gain a greater understanding and appreciation for technology in a fun, interactive setting. The Codeverse studio is the ultimate tech-powered classroom, packed with cool gadgets that can all be programmed by your kid.

  • Real Computer Programming

    Valuable skills for their future
  • Robot Programming

    Automate arms, bots, and drones
  • Hackable Classroom

    Program everything in the studio
  • 3D Printer & Maker Lab

    Merging digital with physical
  • Mobile Game Coding

    Build real apps and games
  • Adaptive & Custom

    Personalized curriculum for every child

The Codeverse Curriculum

Codeverse is built by some of the best technologists and educators in the world.

Kids learn to code with our education-friendly coding language, KidScript.

Our intelligent learning environment assists kids as they type real code.

Endless creativity! Build games or apps, or program robotics in the studio!

A modern curriculum built on STEAM education principles

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than one million unfilled tech jobs by 2020. A STEAM education is crucial for preparing the next generation and setting them up for success in their technologically-advanced world.

At Codeverse, kids learn the foundations of computer programming while incorporating Common Core subjects including art, history, science, physics, and math.

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We crafted the ultimate classroom experience

At the beginning of every session, Codeverse teachers provide every child with an iPad. Kids use the iPad to complete a series of lessons which teach them how to write code, as well as interact with objects and technology within the studio.

The language we use to teach coding at Codeverse is KidScript. It's an approachable language, built by our team, that replaces unnecessary complexities with an easy to read, easy to write syntax. KidScript is a real programming language which draws inspiration from many other languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python and Visual Basic. It includes all the key concepts of programming and enables untethered creativity.

Our studios have been purposefully designed to encourage kids to be creative, curious, and collaborative. In fact, every object and gadget within our studios can be programmed by the kids!

  • 75 minute classes

  • For grades 1–8

  • 6:1 teacher ratio

  • Hundreds of lessons

  • Tools to create any app

  • Safe, secure environment