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Adaptive Learning

Everyone learns differently. We designed our curriculum to adjust itself based on each child, meaning that every child gets a personalized experience optimized for their age, skill level, and many other unique factors.

Computer Science

Our proprietary kids coding language, KidScript, was designed from the ground up with the specific goal of being the very best introduction to coding for kids. KidScript makes writing code easy and fun, while also being robust enough for kids to build any kind of app their heart desires.

We teach kids all the core principles such as methods, loops, variables, and more to pique their interest and get them hooked on programming instantly! Everything they learn easily translates into popular programming languages like Javascript, Python, Ruby, and more.

Beyond Code

Our first priority is to teach kids how to code, but we also know how important it is to expose them to a wide range of subjects and skills. We put a huge focus on creativity, intellectual curiosity, and social collaboration. We also incorporate other core subjects including math, physics, and engineering into the curriculum.

Behind every Codeverse lesson, there are always deeper lessons being taught. Having kids engage with and collaborate on these principles together gives them priceless, real-world experiences from an early age.

Measurable Success

Codeverse teachers are equipped with real time data on what every student is working on, how engaged they are, and their current progress through the curriculum. Tracking every interaction, milestone, and mistake gives our teachers an unprecedented ability to craft a personalized approach to each child's learning.

The Codeverse Curriculum

Codeverse is built by some of the best technologists and educators in the world.

Kids learn to code with our education-friendly coding language, KidScript.

Our intelligent learning environment assists kids as they type real code.

Endless creativity! Build games or apps, or program robotics in the studio!

A modern curriculum built on STEAM education principles

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than one million unfilled tech jobs by 2020. A STEAM education is crucial for preparing the next generation and setting them up for success in their technologically-advanced world.

At Codeverse, kids learn the foundations of computer programming while incorporating Common Core subjects including art, history, science, physics, and math.

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