Codeverse Summer Camps
Lincoln Park

Chicago’s fully interactive coding studio for kids hosts the best coding and technology summer camps!

Kids of all skill levels can join us for a week of discovery and creativity as they learn to code their own video games and explore the fundamentals of technology.

Join us at the end of the week for our parent’s showcase and see what your child created!

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Codeverse Studio

819 W Eastman St

Chicago, IL 60642

Give us a call at 844-644-2633 for more information

We provide the tools for kids to be tomorrow's inventors.

See below for Codeverse Lincoln Park’s camp schedule. Camp is from 9am-3pm each day with complimentary early drop-off and late pick up!

  • Monday

    Welcome to Codeverse!

    Get to know each other and begin learning the basics of game design and coding

  • Tuesday

    Robotics and Circuitry

    Learn all about robots, how they move, how they are wired, and more! In the afternoon, race your new robot friend on epic race tracks

  • Wednesday

    Maker Lab and Field Trip to Whole Foods

    Work with the latest technology to create your own designs and take a trip to Whole Foods where you will learn how to cook a healthy lunch!

  • Thurday

    Lights Programming + Field Trip to Pump It Up

    Explore the RGB color scale and how light and color mix using code! Become a graphic designer as you explore the creative side of programming.

  • Friday

    Finalize projects for the Parent Showcase!

    We can’t wait to invite you into camp during the final hours to show you all the amazing games your kids created

Reserve Your Spot

Camp Details


only a $200 refundable deposit due to reserve your spot

Complimentary early-drop off and late pick-up - Healthy snacks and lunches provided - Field trips to local businesses - Dedicated iPad for the week - Access to high tech tools


During each week of camp, we will be teaching our Coding FUNdamentals curriculum.

When a student attends multiple weeks, our instructor team will customize the curriculum to ensure (s)he is continuing to learn and unlock new skills!

Click a week to reserve your spot at Codeverse today!


June is over!


July is over!


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