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Award winning coding program for kids ages 6-13.
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Codeverse: Explorer Box
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Every Codeverse: Explorer kit contains 3 coding activities, collectable Trading Cards, stickers and more!

Why Codeverse:Explorer?

Codeverse: Explorer coding missions give kids step by step instructions for how to build a game or app in our online platform. Kids advance their skills month over month by building more complex games.

We personalize which Missions kids receive each month based on age, coding ability, and your feedback.
Get help when your kid needs it through our online videos or amazing Mission Control team of coding pros! They’re just a phone call, email, or chat away!

As kids work through our program they will learn all the core fundamentals universal to any programming language.

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“Our son doesn't get a ton of screen time and this feels like a much more productive way for him to be in front of a screen other than just consuming content. We love that Codeverse sparks his creativity in a unique way and makes him feel like he's just playing, not just learning something.”

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