10 Inspirational Codeverse Creators To Follow

Excited by the new Codeverse Follow feature, but not sure who to follow? Looking to grow your own follow community of creators but don’t know where to start? We have curated a list to help you get started!

Posted on Aug 26, 2021

Codeverse is home to over 300+ creators filled with limitless creativity, age groups, diverse communities, and coding experience. Playing games from different creators can inspire a new idea for a custom game, a new coding concept to discuss, and bring creativity to the forefront. Plus, it’s fun to play and support fellow Codeverse creators!

Dr. Sandra Russ, creativity and play expert, and interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Case Western Reserve University describes creativity as “the ability to come up with original ideas; to put ideas or images or experiences together in new ways” and “synthesizing in an original way using fantasy.” Codeverse excels at creating a space for all its creators by providing a blank canvas of sorts.

Creators can take their imagination and bring it to life with code utilizing our coding language KidScript®. Once complete, young creators can share their creations with share their games with followers so they can play and learn from their peers. To Dr. Russ, “play is a creative product.” As she explained, play is “an output of how [children] think and how they feel.” In other words, play as a creative product has intrapersonal value, i.e., it is inherently meaningful to the person doing the playing.” (1)

Excited by the new Codeverse Follow feature, but not sure who to follow? Looking to grow your own follow community of creators but don’t know where to start? We have curated a list to help you get started and be inspired!

Annabelle P

Username: annabelle19

Game: Save the Princess (click here to play)

Save The Princess by Annabelle P

About the game: Oh no, the princess has been captured! Use the directional pad to collect coins in levels 1 & 2, and in level 3, press the center of the directional pad to fireballs at the enemies. But hurry, you only have 100 seconds to finish the game.

This game uses Numeric Variables, Timers, and Levels to create a fantastical world. Can you save the princess in time?

Aryaman B

Username: aryaman4

Game: Cool Off, Dog! (click here to play)

Cool Off, Dog by Aryaman B

About the game: It was one hot day for one hot dog, so the dog spoke to the sun. The sun laughed at him and told him that the only way to cool off was to collected the water drops from 4 treasure chests. Once all drops are found, the ocean would return after the longest drought in history. Use the directional pad to navigate your dog through 4 hot levels to win!This game uses Loops, Timers, and Lists. Can you cool your dog off or will your dog crisp up under the heat?

Colton J

Username: colton12

Game: Bull Riding (click here to play)

Bull Riding by Colton J

About the game: Ride the bull and don’t fall off! To play this fun game use a directional pad to move the player. Try to stay with the bull for 8 seconds.This game uses Conditionals, Events, and Random Variables. Good Luck!

Ashmitha V

Username: ashmitha1

Game: Time to Build a City (click here to play)

Time to Build a City by Ashmitha V

About the game: If you want to build a city, now you can! In this game, use the button to cycle between 3 maps and click and drag items from the toolbar into your map to create your own custom city!This game uses Loops, Conditionals, and Lists to help you build the best city possible. I hope you have fun creating!

Harshika T

Username: sri10

Game: Fireboy and Watergirl (click here to play)

Fireboy and Watergirl by Harshika T

About the game: Control the Fire Boy and the Water Girl through the puzzling level, collecting all the coins on their way back home! Watch out for the lava & water hazards, which can only be walked on by the player of the same element. Also, the green water hazard can't be walked on by either of them, but can you find a way to make it go away?This game uses Events, Physics & Math, and Rotations.

Stephanie D

Username: stephanie95

Game: Zoo Simulator (click here to play)

Zoo Simulator by Stephanie D

About the game: Welcome to Animal Land! Earn money by getting customers to come to your zoo. The more animals in the zoo, the more money you will earn. Animals not in cages will lose points and if your animals are hungry and leave poop around, you will also lose points.This game uses Timers, Lists, and Conditionals to create a working zoo. Can you earn 100 points?

Jonathan T

Username: jonathan63

Game: A Summer Vacation! (click here to play)

A Summer Vacation by Jonathan T

About the game: Aloha! Find all the endings in this choose your own adventure game! This game uses Conditionals, Methods, and Labels to create an interactive story. Which ending is your favorite?

Wren T

Username: wren4

Game: Ocean Protectors (click here to play)

Ocean Protectors by Wren T

About the game: All four of the oceans have been polluted! Help save the oceans by dragging the trash into the recycling can. At the start of the game, learn some facts first and then get to work to save the four oceans! Each piece of trash removed from the water = a saved animal! You are a hero!This game features a Timer, Numeric Variables, Random, and Lists.

Kaylee T

Username: kaylee14

Game: Platypus Coin Collector (click here to play)

Platypus Coin Collector by Kaylee T

About the game: Can you collect the coins and keep your lives? In the first part, it's nice and chill-you need to collect 50 coins with no obstacles. After that, it changes and you will have to watch out for the blocks! In the last part, use the door as a shield to protect you from the blocks.Random Variables, Timers, and Conditionals were used to create this fun game for you!

Lee M

Username: lee9

Game: PC Tycoon (click here to play)

PC Tycoon by Lee M

About the game: Build and upgrade your own virtual PC set up in this clicker game! Click on the PC to earn money, and click the labels above to increase the money you earn per click, use an auto clicker, and upgrade your setup. This game uses Numeric Variables and Math to track how much you have earned, Conditionals to ensure you have enough money to upgrade, Timers to create the auto clicker, and Labels to create the PC. How much will you earn? 

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References:(1) Singha, Shagun et al. “Playing with Creativity Across the Lifespan: a Conversation with Dr. Sandra Russ.” TechTrends : for leaders in education & training, 1-5. 27 May. 2020, doi:10.1007/s11528-020-00514-3