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Coding is now as essential as math and science

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than one million unfilled tech jobs by 2020. A STEAM education is crucial for preparing the next generation for success in their technologically-advanced world.

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Codeverse is the world's most immersive coding studio for kids

Kids learn to code in a creative environment full of cutting-edge technology. Every object in our studio can be controlled by your kid's code, including robots, 3D printers, lasers, and more!

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Designed to pique interest and explore possibilities

Codeverse was designed to get any kid, regardless of interests, hooked on computer programming!

  • Real Programming

    Valuable skills for their future
  • Robot Programming

    Automate arms and robots
  • Hackable Classroom

    Program everything in the studio
  • 3D Printer & Maker Lab

    Merging digital with physical
  • Mobile Game Coding

    Build real apps and games
  • Adaptive & Custom

    Personalized curriculum for every child
Lincoln Park
North Shore
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Lincoln Park

819 W. Eastman Street

Chicago,IL 60642

(844) 644-CODE
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55 S Main St, Suite 230

Naperville,IL 60540

(844) 644-CODE
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North Shore

517 Green Bay Road

Wilmette,IL 60091

(844) 644-CODE

We meticulously crafted the ultimate classroom experience

The language we use to teach coding is called KidScript. It's an approachable language, built by our team, that replaces unnecessary complexities with an easy to read, easy to write syntax. KidScript is a real programming language which draws inspiration from many other languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python and Visual Basic. It includes all the key concepts of programming and enables untethered creativity.

  • 75 minute classes

  • For ages 6-13

  • 8:1 teacher ratio

  • Hundreds of lessons

  • Programmable lights

  • Safe environment

Kids and parents love Codeverse

My 3 boys all learn a different way, the best part of Codeverse, it doesn't care, the simplicity of the program allows any child at any stage to learn.
—  Lisa Nation Mother, Chicago
Codeverse opens up the way my daughter thinks about everything. I'm not a technologist, but this is the future, and I'm happy our family has this. It's a blessing.
—  Keith Puckett Father, Chicago
Of the all coding programs I've worked with, Codeverse has made the most impact on our students. It requires students to actually write real code...
—  Jamie Pignatelli Teacher, Chicago
In a world where technology is advancing so rapidly, I'm glad my daughter will be up to speed thanks to Codeverse. I wish we had this when I was younger!
—  Rosa Maria Beckstrom Mother, Chicago
My seven year old wants to learn how technology works, and how programming makes technology work. I'm so excited for him to be involved in Codeverse.
—  Marisol Ortega Mother, Chicago
Codeverse offers children the perfect way to learn programming, allowing for creative coding without the frustration of traditional programming languages.
—  Colleen Cannon-Ruffo Teacher, Chicago