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What Computer Is Best for Kids Wanting to Learn Code?

Our kids are little work-from-home pros by now, and choosing the right computer to meet their needs can be crucial to their success and enjoyment.

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How Can Teaching Kids How To Code Benefit The World

Codeverse asks you to imagine a generation that not only appreciates the tech they use but also understands it and knows how to create a brighter future for the world with it.

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Can Kids Really Learn How To Code?

All kids that can learn to read can learn to code. Kids are natural creators, and that creativity means their ability to code is limitless. 

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10 Tips for a Successful School Year

Schooling has been far from normal for kids recently. Here are some surefire ways to make sure back-to-school is as smooth as possible this year.

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10 Inspirational Codeverse Creators To Follow

Excited by the new Codeverse Follow feature, but not sure who to follow? Looking to grow your own follow community of creators but don’t know where to start? We have curated a list to help you get started!

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