Privacy Policy

Effective date: August 9, 2021

Privacy is important to Codeverse. The following describes the information we collect and the ways we use that information. By using (the “Website”) and engaging with our web-based services (collectively, the “Services”), you are consenting to the collection, use, sharing, and storage of personal information of both you and your child, as described below. This Privacy Policy supplements and is incorporated into our Terms of Service which, together with this Privacy Policy, govern your use of the Services. We have endeavored to make this Privacy Policy as clear as possible. If, however, you have any questions, comments or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at This Privacy Policy only covers our information collection practices through the Services. It does not cover information we collect in other roles, such as an employer.    

The terms “Codeverse” or “us” or “we” or “our” refer to Americademy, Inc., the owner of the Services, and its affiliates and subsidiaries, including without limitation, Teach a Billion Kids to Code, LLC. The term “user” generally refers to the user or viewer of the Services, which is generally your child. The terms “you” or “your” refer to you, the parent or legal guardian and may also refer to your child, as the context implies. “Guides” refers to the instructors who guide children and students through virtual sessions.

Information We Collect

We collect identifiable information from those who visit and interact with our Services. Depending on your interaction with the Services, we may collect the following information:

  • Contact information of you and users: full name, email address, mailing address, and phone number;
  • Payment type used, the expiration date of payment method, the last four digits of any credit/debit card, and billing zip code. Our payment processor (currently Braintree, a division of PayPal) may store additional payment and identifiable information;
  • Screen, video and audio recordings of sessions with users;
  • User engagement data such as mouse clicks, keyboard typing, touch gestures, which features are being used, and which pages are being accessed;
  • Browser and system information such as software version being used, screen resolution, language, and time zone;
  • Conversations between users and us and/or our Guides that may occur over the telephone or through text messages, email, and our chat function;
  • Booking and appointment information;
  • Subscription information;
  • Internal notes about accounts, including without limitation internal reminders/comments, progress, goals, feedback, concerns, sales feedback, learning styles, interests, and parent updates;
  • Surveys and satisfaction scores;
  • Other information related to you or your child’s access to our Services, including, but not limited to, IP address, Services visits, page response times, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, and page interaction information; and
  • Any and all other information that is voluntarily provided to us through the Services, including, but not limited to, comments, requests, and programming projects.

We collect the above information directly from you and your child when provided to us, automatically as you or your child navigates the Services, and from third-party service providers.

How We Use This Information

We use the collected information to:

  • Provide the Services to you and the users;
  • Identify authors of Creations (as defined below) when displayed on our Service;
  • Process payment for the Services;
  • Ensure the safety of users;
  • Ensure high quality of the Services;
  • Train our employees and Guides and monitor their performance;
  • Understand our users and their educational needs;
  • Manage business operations (such as sales and marketing, collecting payment, and monitoring satisfaction);
  • Improve our Services, which includes developing new products and services, product testing, training and building machine learning and artificial intelligence models, and personalizing communication and product experiences;
  • Track performance and progress of users;
  • Post or replay events (in whole or in part) for our users;
  • Send periodic marketing communications about our Services
  • Send session and account updates and reminders; and
  • Comply with legal obligations and requests.

Sharing Information

We do not ever sell personal information for commercial purposes. We may share information to facilitate the Services obtained from us (such as our payment processors or cloud service providers) and to monitor or improve our Services. We may also share information with third parties in limited circumstances, such as complying with legal processes, cooperating with law enforcement, preventing fraud or imminent harm, ensuring the security of our network and services, when we believe your actions or those of our users violate this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service, in the event we are transferred or sold to another entity as a result of a corporate sale, merger, consolidation, asset sale, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy. We may share personally identifiable information with subsidiaries or affiliates that we may have today or in the future.

Third Parties

Personal information may be held by third parties or we may link to other sites or applications not affiliated, owned, or controlled by us. Further, we may use products and services of third parties, for which the disclosure of personal information is necessary, to help us better provide our Services to you. We expressly disclaim any and all liability for the actions of third parties. The privacy practices of any third parties are outside the scope of this Privacy Policy and their use or disclosure of information (including personal information) will be governed by their own privacy practices or policies. We encourage you to review the privacy practices or policies of those third parties.

Your Rights

If you would like to access, modify, or delete personal information about you or your child, you may submit a request to California residents may have additional personal information rights. For more information or to see if these rights apply, please contact us. We will promptly review all such requests in accordance with applicable laws.


Our privacy practices are in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), and this section outlines our practices regarding children’s personal information.

When a parent signs up for our Codeverse membership or free trial we collect children's information directly from parents, who provide us with the applicable information listed above.

When a child signs up and creates an account on Codeverse, we may collect first name, username, password, birthdate, and parent’s email address. This information is used to give the child access to the Service (with certain limitations) and to communicate with the parent about the child’s account. For example, we may use the parent’s email to send an email notification about the child’s account creation and an invitation for the parent to review, update settings, and approve of their child’s account. We may use the birthdate the child provides when signing up for the Service to determine which features on Codeverse the child should have access to, and to determine when the child will be given broader access to features on our Service. In general, we will not use or share account information (including personal information) from child accounts, except for the permissible purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, and, if required by law, only with the prior verifiable consent of a parent or legal guardian.

We use and share this information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. We disclose this information to our Guides in order for them to provide the Services. Children may share personal information about themselves with Guides and other users while they use the Services. We do our best to ensure Guides use this information appropriately, but please note that we cannot control what information your child shares with Guides or other users, and we are not responsible for any misuse of information by Guides or other users.

We use recordings so that Guides can review sessions with children who use the Services and to provide feedback to Guides. We have security measures in place that limit a Guide’s ability to access and copy these recordings or share the recordings with unpermitted third parties; however, we cannot always control what Guides do with these recordings or prohibited independent recordings, and we are not responsible for any misuse of these recordings by Guides.

Children may have opportunities to interact with third-party websites and services. For example, we may facilitate showcase award ceremonies on YouTube. We will consult with you and obtain your consent before sharing your child’s information through these third-party services, but we cannot be responsible for their information collection and sharing practices.

Children are not allowed to post personal information in or through the Services. While we endeavor to confirm that children do not post personal information in or through the Services, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for the child’s use of the Services.

If you are a child, it is a good idea to talk to and ask your parent(s) or guardian(s) for permission before using or playing on the Service. If you do not get such permission, you should not use our Service.

Parents may make any requests for changes to their child’s account or requests for the removal of personal information collected about their child from our Service (as applicable), or to request that we stop the further collection or use of their child’s personal information in connection with the Service (as applicable), by sending an email to

Parents should contact Codeverse immediately by emailing if they have any concerns regarding the Service, wish to review information collected from your child, or have that information modified or deleted. If we become aware that a child has provided us with personal information, we will delete any personal information we have collected, unless we have a legal obligation to keep it, and terminate the child’s account, as applicable.

We will delete a child’s personal information upon request. If you have any concerns regarding our access and use of your child’s privacy, please contact us at If you would like further information about COPPA, please visit the FTC’s guidance on Protecting Your Child’s Privacy Online.


Our Services provide children the opportunity to share the apps and games they create (“Creations”) with other users of the Services, the public through our Website, and with other individuals that you or your child may choose. Use of these functionalities is entirely voluntary and is subject to our Terms of Service. Please be aware that when Creations are shared, other information may also be shared (such as name, age, city/state, and the child’s contribution to such Creation). By agreeing to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service, you permit your child to communicate with us and others about the Creations, and you permit your child to share the Creations as mentioned in this section.


We take reasonable steps to protect the information we collect from you. We encrypt certain personally identifiable data that we collect and securely store this information to help avoid loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of your information. Some content and information may be publicly available, such as apps or games that users have created. A first name and initial of last name may be included with that content. The internet and our data security measures cannot guarantee absolute security. We do not accept liability for disclosures beyond our reasonable control. You are responsible for protecting against unauthorized access to your password and any device that you may use to access and use the Services. We encourage you and your child to never give out your password and to safeguard your username, password, and personal credentials when you are using the Services.


Cookies are small bits of electronic information that a website or application sends to your browser and are stored on your hard drive. We use cookies, and other related technologies (such as localStorage) to identify users, track your behavior on the Website, keep the Services secure, and improve the Services’ performance. Some cookies are necessary in order to use the Services, and these cannot be disabled. Other cookies are not required to browse our Services and may be disabled or deleted, but this may prevent you from properly using the Services. Third-party services, such as Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics may employ cookies on the Services in order to better perform their services. We have no control over third-party cookies, and therefore, disclaim any and all liability related to third-party cookies.

Changes and Updates to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised periodically, and this will be reflected by the date above. Please revisit this page to stay aware of any changes. Your continued use of the Services constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any future revisions.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at

Last updated: August 9, 2021