How Coding Encourages Students’ Creativity and Independence

Learning to code is important But did you know that coding provides students with advantages that can benefit them immediately and vastly improve their academic lives?

Posted on Jun 22, 2023

Learning to code provides obvious benefits; coding is a highly marketable skill and understanding the “language of computers” is especially vital as technology becomes an ever-increasing part of our everyday lives.

But did you know that coding provides students with advantages that can benefit them immediately and vastly improve their academic lives?

Here’s how:

1) Coding improves typing skills. 

At Codeverse, kids write their own code using our proprietary coding language, KidScript®. Actually typing code rather than simply dragging and dropping blocks of text improves children’s typing accuracy and speed, necessary skills in today’s tech-heavy academic world.

With our software, kids can write one line of code and see something happen instantly. They can also play with what they have built, and see the code update on the screen, in real-time! This makes the language fun for kids and instantly gratifying.

2) Coding stimulates creativity. 

Learning to code introduces students to a whole new world of creative possibilities. Coding bridges the gap between imagination and reality, between conceptualization and tangibility. In other words, learning to code provides students with the ability to take what is in their minds and bring it to life on their computer screens. At Codeverse, children do this by creating their very own game or app, complete with unique characters, goals, point systems, levels, and more!

3) Coding improves logic and reasoning. 

Steve Jobs famously stated that “coding teaches you how to think.” Learning to code, and learning to code early, is especially valuable for students because it exposes them to the process of following specific, logical steps to attain a desired outcome. It also teaches creative problem-solving- sometimes, a coder will have to rework their code to attain their desired effect, and must think critically and creatively to achieve their goal.

4) Learning to code instills self-confidence. 

At Codeverse, our Guides and our 1-on-1 classes ensure that every student has ample opportunities to ask questions, receive guidance, and be challenged creatively and technically. When students feel their voices are heard, they learn that their questions and input are important and that speaking up isn’t scary, but rewarding. This inspires them to confidently seek solutions to academic challenges both in the studio and at school.

Coding is more than a technological skill; it is a gateway to a new way of thinking that is invaluable to the modern young student.

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