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Codeverse is an award-winning creativity platform for kids ages 6+, inspiring and empowering kids to bring their ideas to life while developing skills that last a lifetime.

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What is Codeverse?

Real tools

Our interactive coding platform, Codeverse Studio, includes a real programming language and all the developer tools kids need to build real apps and games and quickly bring their creative ideas to life.
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Personalized classes

Instructor-led, personalized 1:1 virtual classes that keep kids motivated and inspired to build new coding skills every week.
Your membership also includes group virtual classes, live streams, and global coding events.
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Learn anytime, anywhere

Tap into your creativity, instantly. Access our full library of on-demand educational coding activities that range in difficulty level from Beginner to Pro.
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Social Connection

Kids can collaborate on projects, extend other projects, and share apps with friends and family or to the world through the App Store. Learning, creating and coding is better with friends!
Codeverse is a safe, secure platform for kids.
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Memberships starting from $129/mo

Join our community of lifelong creators. All memberships include unlimited access to Codeverse Studio, on-demand content, and live streams.
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Kids have created over 500,000 projects
Meet some Codeverse creators and explore their projects below.
Ferra - Age 6
Summer - Age 7
Andrew - Age 9
Parth - Age 10
Riley - Age 11
Lee - Age 13
Meet Parth
Age 10 – Member since May 2020 - Creator of Octopus vs Minnows
Parth was one of the winners of our Codeverse Showcase. In this video, he shares his experience and passes on some advice to future coders.
Why Parth loves to code
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Backed by the best

Codeverse is supported by investors, entrepreneurs, education advisors, and partners from the following world-class organizations:
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Have fun and learn by doing
Kids are naturally curious and love to build. Codeverse rewards creativity through badges, points, and rank.
Rank 01 - Codeling
Every kid starts as a Codeling. Here, kids are introduced to basic coding concepts and will use these skills to build their first mobile game or app! Kids at this rank are able to make single player games with simple interactions and share their apps and games with family.
Rank 02 - Engineer
Rank 03 - Pilot
Rank 04 - Specialist
Rank 05 - Commander
Safe and secure for under 13's
Your child’s safety and security online is our top priority. In addition to our automated and manual moderation of content, you can use Parent Portal to track your child’s progress, view their content and communications, and control which features they have access to.
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What people are saying

  • The Codeverse program is like the vitamins inside a chocolate cake: teaching critical skills while having a blast! It's amazing to watch kids confidently turn their imaginations into reality, while learning the critical skill of coding.
    testimonial Shawn Dennis
    Shawn Dennis
    Former Exec at DreamWorks Animation, Mattel’s American Girl, The NFL and Universal Studios
  • The Codeverse program and their programming language, KidScript, is by far the best way for kids to learn to code. Our six year old has loved it and we have a lot of fun developing new games and apps together.
    testimonial Elizabeth Weil
    Elizabeth Weil
    Former Twitter exec, fund manager, technology investor, and startup advisor
  • I like to code so I can make cool games and apps to play with. Coding with Codeverse gives me the opportunity to code simply but efficiently.
    testimonial Parth
    Age 9, Codeverse Member for 5 months and counting
  • Coding makes me happy especially when I test my code and it works! it makes me so proud of myself. I also love Codeverse's animation options like stars twinkling, jewels glimmering, and flickering flames.
    testimonial Natasha
    Age 7, Codeverse Member for 6 months and counting
  • My daughter just started Codeverse and loves it. Her instructor, Billy, is amazing and really knows how to work with kids. So glad my friend recommended Codeverse to us. :)
    testimonial James
    Codeverse Parent
  • I love to code at Codeverse because I get to make games and challenges and share them with other people!!!
    testimonial Sonali
    Age 11, Codeverse Member for 6 months and counting
  • Codeverse has been a wonderful experience for my precious six year old...This is better than video games because it’s his creation. Codeverse guides him gently and help him use his imagination to create games. Also my son gets to send his work to family and his teachers. Everyone is impressed. I can’t stop recommending!
    testimonial Barbara
    Codeverse Parent
  • The one-on-one classes are AMAZING!!!! My daughter struggles with e-learning because of how impersonal it can be. However, with Codeverse's one-on-one learning she really loves it. We really like the online learning format and the instructors are great.
    testimonial Lauren
    Codeverse Parent
  • My Son loves the program so much and always gets excited about his class and loves his teacher Melina. She is a great match for him and they pair well together. Thank you for an awesome program.
    testimonial Jean
    Codeverse Parent
  • Fantastic platform, amazing teachers. So happy we found Codeverse and my 7 year old duaghter loves it!!! She's learning useful skills while having a great time doing it.
    testimonial Mark
    Codeverse Parent
  • Great learning experience for my son! With my busy schedule I get to have my son learn and have fun all while having a guide right by his side. Results of projects are immediate! 5stars
    testimonial Shir
    Codeverse Parent
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