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Codeverse is an award-winning program offering live 1:1 virtual coding sessions for kids ages 6-13.

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Learn to code - from home!

During 1:1 weekly 50-minute virtual coding sessions, kids are introduced to the universal concepts of coding, and learn how to build their very own apps and games, with the help of an expert Guide!

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Free Trial Week

Activate your first free week with a free 1:1 session with your expert Guide and then gain access to our online platform and CodeverseTV lessons.

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The one-on-one classes are AMAZING!!!! My daughter struggles with e-learning because of how impersonal it can be. However, with Codeverse's one-on-one learning she really loves it. We really like the online learning format and the instructors are great.

Over 275,000 apps built by kids

Sinking Treasure
By: Monica • Age 8
B-ball High Score
By: Anthony • Age 10
Astro Avoider
By: Amy • Age 7
Doomsday Car Spikes
By: Timothy • Age 11

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