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Kids build their own apps and games

Bringing their ideas to life in a futuristic environment riddled with cutting-edge technology. Hack everything with code!

Gain skills that last a lifetime

Creativity, problem-solving, building confidence, taking risks, working independently, and thinking outside the box is the name of the game.

Explore and collaborate with new friends

Invent tomorrow - and have fun doing it! Each and every child deserves an amazing future and they all have a home in the Codeverse community.

Develop mastery of:

  • Computer Programming

    The skills to change the world
  • Studio Hacking

    Control lights, robots & more
  • App & Game Development

    From imagination to reality
  • Creative Design

    Explore and express new ideas
  • Sharing Projects

    Delight friends and grandma
  • Delivering High-Fives

    Collaborate with new friends
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Teamwork makes the dream work

Bounce bold ideas off of Guides, a collective of certified K-12 teachers, improv comedians, seasoned designers and game developers, who serve as mentors - for 75 minutes and beyond!

What parents say:

My 3 boys all learn in a different way. The simplicity of the Codeverse program allows any child at any stage to learn.

—  Lisa NationMother, Chicago